To be one of the globally admired and leading integrated engineering solution providers in Sector continuously creating value for the stakeholders.

EVE aspires to be a distinguished, international engineering group with a focus on the areas of Transport, Water, Environment, Processes, Gas, Power Generation, Aerospace, Safety and Defense, and Marine Engineering.

In each of these strategic areas, EVE will have a sufficient team of excellent professionals that allows it to be competitive, serve its clients with unique value, and remain in the state-of-the-art. In each of its areas of activity, it should be recognized by a capacity, specialty, or product in which it can present itself as a global leader. It will prioritize contributions that offer the greatest added value to its clients, while remaining close to the conception and management of its projects and constructions. It will support efforts in R&D that make it possible to maintain and decisively advance in the areas defined. It will distinguish itself through technological contributions, value analysis, and reliable and effective operations. It will extend its engineering activities through other activities that broaden its participation in the value chain of its projects, such as system integration, manufacturing, construction, support and operation, delivering fully operational products, systems, and facilities.

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