Wartsila SG % DF Engine

Since it was founded, EVE sells spare parts for WARTSILA engines anywhere in the world. For the last couple years EVE has expanded in this market to a great extent thanks to the high quality genuine and / or OEM spare parts that our customers require for their engines. As a result, EVE continues to grow in the national and international market with regard to spare parts for WARTSILA engines, whether they are gas or diesel. Especially focused on critical spare parts that may be necessary for urgent repair tasks, it offers our customers a wide catalague of references, either original or OEM.

Own Workshop                       Ethics
Wide Experience                       Competitive
Engine Specialist                       Spare Parts
Technical Services                       Large Stock
Official Service Alternative                       Manufacturer Warranty
First class maintenance services                       Services in more than 150 engines
High quality spare parts supportü                       Overhaul capacity in motors up to 4.00 mW