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EVE International AS is able to offer the energy, offshore and industrial markets the parts needed as a first quality with technical support.

  • Ethics
  • Availability
  • Large Stock
  • Competitive
  • OEM Parts Services
  • Reliability
  • Alternatives
  • Performance
  • Manufacturer Warranty
  • Genuine Parts Services

Thanks to its good relations with component manufacturers, it provides support to Genuine and OEM parts.

We guarantee the same quality, reliability and interchangeability, while offering great value and a unique alternative to the manufacturer’s single sourcing location. We maintain a large stock of complete systems and spare parts in our warehouse, including refurbished equipment.

We supply parts, that is, our spare parts are supplied from manufacturers who specialize in the production of specific parts that are supplied to famous engine manufacturers worldwide.

EVE International AS guarantees that all spare parts are of the highest quality especially for WARTSILA – JENBACHER – MWM products.

Since its foundation, EVE has achieved significant commercial success and earned the reputation of being a trusted Wartsila – Jenbacher – MWM spare parts provider.

We provide immediate feedback on fundamental WARTSILA – Jenbacher – MWM components to any of our clients.

Our extensive know-how and the experience of our trained staff are factors that will guarantee the highest quality solutions to your business with WARTSILA – Jenbacher – MWM products. Credibility and professionalism form the basis of our relationship with our business partners for excatly what your need from WARTSILA – Jenbacher – MWM.

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