EVE sells Genuine and OEM spare parts for JENBACHER for your gas engine series 2,3,4 and 6.

We are not only a company that sells JENBACHER spare parts, we also provide services which allows us to have a broad technical knowledge of the product that we commercialize.

Provide immediate feedback on fundamental JENBACHER components to any of our clients.

In our warehouse EVE has all the component’s critical parts for the engine maintenance of JENBACHER series 3 or 6 in stock.

  • For OVERHAUL JENBACHER 620 – 75% components in stock / rest in 10 days.
  • For 40,000 h JENBACHER 420 – 50% components in stock / rest in 10days.

EVE offers JENBACHER spare parts for your system.

Some of the JENBACHER products and many others; we can provide!

To pave the way for a greener future, we provide cutting-edge technology that is fueled by sustainability, decentralization, and digitization with Jenbacher products.

At EVE, we strive every day to create programs and engines that enhance your operating effectiveness while constructing the future. We are higly equipped with the knowledge of JENBACHER engines that happy to serve you in any way you’d like.
Jenbacher J208 | Jenbacher J212 | Jenbacher J312 | Jenbacher J316 | Jenbacher J320 | Jenbacher J412 | Jenbacher J416 | Jenbacher J420 | Jenbacher J612 | Jenbacher J616 | Jenbacher J620 | Jenbacher J624

Since its foundation, EVE has achieved significant commercial success and earned the reputation of being a trusted JENBACHER spare parts provider.

Our strategy is based on long-standing partnerships with leading companies so we can guarantee consistent quality support for JENBACHER.

Departments at EVE work closely together to give your company the best service for your JENBACHER needs.

Thanks to our global network, EVE can supply JENBACHER components and provide technical assistance worldwide. ( 24 hours worldwide service, also during sea voyage )

Be responsive to customer JENBACHER needs, delivery optimal solutions and value added services expeditiously.

We ensure sustainable growth and professional excellence using state-of-the-art technology, process driven approach, eco-friendly solutions and IT enabled tools for the whole JENBACHER products.


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