Our 3D & Desing Engineering Solutions has gained a wealth of knowledge working with our clients scanning needs.

3D & Desing for Power Plants,
3D & Desing for Scrubbers (Open & Close Loop)
3D & Desing for Ballast Water Treatment Systems (BWTS),

Once the specific modification is handed over to us, we carry out designing, class approvals, installations and commissioning.

Utilizing a variety of different technologies and recognizing the advantages and disadvantages of each, we can offer one or multiple 3D scanning services that best suits you.

Our staff has experience working closely with our clients to ensure that the most accurate digital dataset model of your project is captured and high value deliverables are produced. We have worked with manufacturing experts for years, and understand the importance of a reliable scan. From CAD models and inspections, to rapid prototyping and reverse engineering, we are equipped to serve any situation.

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