“EVE International AS specializes in replacements for obsolete products helping to extend the lifetime of your technical installations.

We produce and engineer custom-made equipment to your specification as well.In addition, EVE has the expertise for refits and new building projects for all kinds of vessels, offshore and industrial installations.
Doing business with EVE will save you time and ensure that your installation is continually running in the most effective way.

We can also offer high qualified technical support and repair for your installations. In our warehouse we keep a stock of complete systems and spare parts including reconditioned equipment.

Thanks to our global network, EVE International AS can supply components and arrange technical assistance worldwide within a short period of time.

Our Engineering services include pre-bid engineering support, post-award basic and detail engineering; as well as field engineering assistance.

Addressing the needs of Power Project Developers, Financial Institutes and Equity Investors, EVE International AS offers a wide range of Consulting Services specific to the Power sector.

From project conceptualization to commissioning, we cover the entire gamut of plant engineering on behalf of Developers/Owners/IPP.

Capitalizing on its strength in core engineering services related to power projects, EVE has extended its service portfolio to include Transmission & Distribution Engineering Services for Utilities, IPPs and private power companies.

We offer Independent/Lender’s Engineering Services to various International and National Financial Institutions, Government bodies, Banks, Private Equity players, corporate enterprises etc…

EVE helps power project developers and EPC contractors deploy environment-friendly power generating technologies by assisting them in setting up renewable energy projects in Wind, Solar and Biomass Sector.

Our plant Renovation & Modernization Services ensures thermal and environmental performance improvement of existing assets that makes economic sense.

EVE International AS offers a wide range of Air Quality Control System (AQCS) Services to reduce PM, SOx, NOx and Hg emissions in coal-based power plants.”

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