EVE offers you comprehensive ship management solutions for all ship segments and types. Our service of third party ship management; technical management, crew management, ship accounting and procurement services. Our experience and strength in Ship Management comes from our fleet of vessels that we have managed for many years. We strive to expand and expand our quality, professional services to the world maritime industry.


Thanks to the experience gained by the ships we manage, all kinds of ships; Condition audits, damage assessment and load inspection reports are carried out before the purchase. Repair works of ships; Thanks to the close relationships we have established with classification societies and companies dealing with ship repair, it is carried out effectively, accurately and less costly.

Our technical department, which has many years of experience, makes ship docking effectively and at the most affordable cost as a result of its good relations with the shipyards in Tuzla. Thanks to the inspections carried out before the shipyard, it ensures that ship docking is carried out within the prescribed budget limits without surprise costs. In the light of these audits, pooling is carried out at competitive costs by using tried and reliable shipyards. Comprehensive and detailed planning by our technical team before the pooling process allows us to reach the most effective and fastest solutions with minimum time loss.

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