EVE uses various ways to eliminate waste in its production processes and is constantly on the lookout for new ones. EVE discovers ways to use workers, machines, materials, knowledge, and energy to make a product or deliver a service in the most efficient way possible.

EVE designs systems for:

  • Moving heavy parts within manufacturing plants
  • Getting goods from a company to customers, including finding the most profitable places to locate manufacturing or processing plants
  • Evaluating how well people do their jobs
  • Paying workers

EVE focuses on the following:

  • Review production schedules, engineering specifications, process flows, and other information to understand manufacturing and service methods and activities
  • Figure out how to manufacture parts or products or deliver services with maximum efficiency
  • Develop management control systems to make financial planning and cost analysis more efficient
  • Enact quality control procedures to resolve production problems or minimize costs
  • Work with customers and management to develop standards for design and production
  • Design control systems to coordinate activities and production planning to ensure that products meet quality standards
  • Confer with clients about product specifications, vendors about purchases, management personnel about manufacturing capabilities, and staff about the status of projects

EVE International AS delivers innovative manufacturing solutions that meet the performance and quality demands of our regional, national, and global customers.We develop dedicated partnerships with our customers that result in mutual outcomes. We want to continue being known as one of the top companies that gives more emphasis on quality over anything else. EVE Internatıonal AS – not just about what we make; also about what we can make. We specialize in a broad range of power plant industry. With great dedicated work, we have the flexibility to complete nearly any job given to us. Our multi-disciplined engineering team understands the complex manufacturing and industrial problems our clients face. Our engineering services are built on years of experience and the expertise to identify and design the unique industrial engineering solutions that match our client’s needs.

We possess state of the art technology and utilize these tools on a daily basis to solve our clients most difficult challenges. Some of our engineering services include, electrical engineering solutions, conveyance system solutions, equipment and tooling, and facility layout and design.

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