Engine makes or models are descriptive and used for reference purposes only.

Since it was founded, EVE sells spare parts for WARTSILA engines anywhere in the world.

For the last couple years EVE has expanded in this WARTSILA market to a great extent thanks to the high quality genuine and / or OEM spare parts that our customers require for their engines.

As a result, EVE continues to grow in the national and international market with regard to spare parts for WARTSILA engines, whether they are gas or diesel.

Especially focused on critical WARTSILA spare parts that may be necessary for urgent repair tasks, it offers our customers a wide catalague of references, either original or OEM.

EVE offers WARTSILA spare parts for your system. We are not only a company that sells spare parts, but we also provide services, that allows us to have a very broad technical knowledge of the product that we commercialize.

Some of the WARTSILA products and many others; we can provide!

Wartsila 4R32 | Wartsila 4L20 | Wartsila 6R46 | Wartsila 6R32 | Wartsila 6L50DF | Wartsila 6L46F | Wartsila 6L46 | Wartsila 6L38 | Wartsila 6L26 | Wartsila 7L46F | Wartsila 8R46 | Wartsila 8R32 | Wartsila 8L50DF | Wartsila 8L46 | Wartsila 8L38 | Wartsila 8L32 | Wartsila 8L26 | Wartsila 8L20 | Wartsila 9R46 | Wartsila 9R32 | Wartsila 9L50DF | Wartsila 9L46F | Wartsila 9L46 | Wartsila 9L38 | Wartsila 9L34SG | Wartsila 9L26 | Wartsila 9L20 | Wartsila 12V50DF | Wartsila 12V46F | Wartsila 12V46 – Wartsila 12V38 | Wartsila 12V32 | Wartsila 12V26 | Wartsila 14V46F | Wartsila 16V50DF | Wartsila 16V46F | Wartsila 16V46 | Wartsila 16V38 | Wartsila 16V34SG – Wartsila 16V32 | Wartsila 16V26 | Wartsila 18V50DF | Wartsila 18V50 | Wartsila 18V46 | Wartsila 18V38 | Wartsila 18V34SG | Wartsila 20V46F | Wartsila 20V32

Since its foundation, EVE has achieved significant commercial success and earned the reputation of being a trusted Wartsila spare parts provider.

We provide immediate feedback on fundamental WARTSILA components to any of our clients.

Our extensive know-how and the experience of our trained staff are factors that will guarantee the highest quality solutions to your business with WARTSILA products. Credibility and professionalism form the basis of our relationship with our business partners for excatly what your need from WARTSILA.

Our strategy is based on long-standing partnerships with leading companies so we can guarantee consistent quality support for WARTSILA.

Departments at EVE work closely together to give your company the best service for your WARTSILA needs.

Be responsive to customer WARTSILA needs, delivery optimal solutions and value added services expeditiously.

We ensure sustainable growth and professional excellence using state-of-the-art technology, process driven approach, eco-friendly solutions and IT enabled tools for the whole WARTSILA products.


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