Buying new machines is a big investment, so we offer our customers the best service without sacrificing quality.

Installation of Ballast Water Treatment plants / Scrubbers are the latest addition to our services in this category.

We carry out the modifications and New equipment installations jobs with our experienced and well trained technicians.

Once the specific modification is handed over to us, we carry out designing, class approvals, installations and commissioning.

The professional technicians in EVE International AS, Services, Maintenance and Installation teams receive extensive training in the correct installation of our products.

  • Transportation, including loading and offloading
  • Preparation of foundations and footings
  • Floor preparation and positioning checks
  • Drilling and preparation of floor fixings
  • Heavy and technical lifting to position your equipment in the correct location
  • Alignment and levelling
  • Mechanical installation
  • Electrical isolations and connections
  • Testing and pre-commissioning work
  • Commissioning
  • Handover with documentation in the local language

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